Wednesday, 20 April 2011

About Me

I’m generally called Ethan, or E, or sometimes Reginald, Greg, or Steve.  But I couldn’t possibly say that that is who I am.  I’m not exactly quite sure who I am, and I don’t think I ever will be.  At least I hope I am never ignorant enough to think I know.  But I do find that very proposition of my own unknowing to posses a quality that is immensely uplifting, electrifying, really, and you might say I use it, however ironically, to help define who I am.  But talking like that doesn’t get us anywhere (anywhere but right here).  And I imagine you clicked on this page to learn a thing or two about the supposed human who authors these posts.  I suppose I am that supposed human – but I cannot take full credit for authorship.  There are certainly critical forces, far outside my consciousness, much greater than my human being, that play a large role in much of what is done by me.  So if you are enjoying yourself here, or ever in my presence, thank them, and while you’re at it, thank the guys running your show, too!

As far as the human goes, if you are still interested, well, he’s a university student, in the marvelous town of Guelph, Ontario, studying some kind of mysterious assembly of topics he likes to call Neurophysics, and playing music as often as he can in his wonderful band, The Company.  But really, he likes to think, and to talk about his thoughts, and to hear other peoples thoughts, and to have about as much thought-sex as he can get his mouth, ears, brain, and peers to put on.

He also knows that there comes a time in the life of all good hearted individuals – with plenty of things to say to themselves and not enough people with not enough time to sit and listen to them – when they decide to start a blog so that they can write those things down, publicly, to share the burden of their own thoughts with the rest of the world, and to bring their thought-sex online. I hope you do not object to thought sex.  And I sincerely hope you find something here that interests, fascinates, inspires, and/or elevates your already wise soul.

Cheers, to learning, compassion, and beauty.

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